Bringing beautiful freedom from human trafficking, together.

Of the estimated 50+ million people enslaved globally, very few have a way out and many survivors are re-trafficked due to the lack of employment opportunities.

Your purchase helps to create sustainable and dignified employment for amazing survivors of human trafficking.

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Freedom Veils

Every item you wear or give on your special day is a memory…it represents who you are, what people mean to you, and your hopes for the future. When freedom touches life’s most precious moments it brings even more depth and significance. 

What our Partner Shops Are Saying

"We love partnering with the Freedom Society in purchasing their veils because we love the heart and mission behind them. Not only do we want our brides to feel beautiful and seen, but to know our purchases help women around the world to feel that way too, is icing on the cake! The quality of these pieces are wonderful and our brides love being part of this story and having these heirloom pieces to keep for years to come." AllieDanae from Katharine Marie Weddings

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