Learning More and Sharing the Message

Nicole Robyn

I get it. 50+ million people being trafficked is overwhelming. It can feel difficult to even know where to start or what to do. So let me help...

1) After putting the hotline in your phone, read through the list of signs of human trafficking on our LEARN page.

2) Look Local: google anti-trafficking organizations nearest you and find out what trafficking looks like in your area and nation. Yes, it can look very different in different places.

3) Look at the TIP report (You can find the link for the most current one on our LEARN page) for your nation or any nation you have a heart for. It will give you stats and information on what it looks like and what is needed.

4) Share with others what you learn! This is the easiest way to multiply the work of freedom!

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What can I do to fight human trafficking?

Nicole Robyn

I have been having lots of conversations of late with people who have gone to see the movie Sound of Freedom. It is a movie telling the true story of an org that engages in combating child sex trafficking. There is much more to the full picture of human trafficking but I am grateful that people are being moved and are asking the questions...what next, what can I do?

The truth is there are many ways you can potentially engage, but what is most important is that you take some practical steps! I am going to continue to write a series of blogs about each one of these:

Learn More: get educated on what it looks like, what to do, and ways you might join the fight

Share: Multiply freedom by sharing in your sphere

Shop: stop shopping with brands that have bad labor practice and start shopping freedom goods

Give: All organizations combatting trafficking need funding

Engage: volunteer within the movement

Ok, so before you move on...add this number to your phone and then go to our LEARN page to start your journey!



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How it began...

Nicole Robyn
We asked each anti-trafficking organization, "what is your biggest need?" Honestly, they could have formed an endless list, but the consistent response was jobs.

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